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Understanding data is a crucial competitive advantage and can help to harness the full potential of your business. Whether you need assistance to gather data or analyse it, I can help to deliver a suitable tool. Data is a key asset to your business, it should be visible to your business users throughout the data cycle and this may help to improve traceability and accountability of your data. Self service capabilities for your data can improve time efficiency and improve communication between teams.

It is also important that you understand the end to end life-cycle of your data, who is responsible for that and that there are continuous improvement processes in place to maintain data quality and ensure you have the correct levels of data governance.  We are able to work through process documentation stages and help identify any GDPR risk for personal information. We also ensure that the data capture process adheres to data standards with validation so you can maintain high quality data.

Whether you are looking to develop a client database, content management systems or data dashboards I have over 15 years experience developing solutions in this field. If you need support with this please get in touch.

How I can help
  • Dynamic database solutions
  • Custom built dashboards
  • Hosted cloud solutions, risk management & data compliance

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