Microsoft Azure Data & Application Migration

I was tasked in the migration of all agency client applications from one hosting provider to the Microsoft Azure platform. This required the management of a phased release to support various applications and resources. This comprised of around 5-6 .net applications, SQL databases and a host of static HTML web assets (approx 60-80 individually hosted web solutions).

It was necessary to split up the project into separate components to manage the communication between stakeholders and support individual applications. Acting between both business and IT functions for our multinational client to ensure the sites were configured correctly and tested prior to release.

It was essential to set up new domains, manage database security and user access in azure, set up & configure Azure resources, reconfigure application code  and complete end to end testing of each application. Prior to the 6 month project I was relatively inexperienced with Azure hosting but this experience has given me the skills to be an advocate of the Azure platform and utilise it for future projects. Now the

Some of the benefits of moving to Azure hosted solutions


Ability to scale resources up and down –  its really easy to scale up and down your resources through the control panel meaning you only pay for what you’re using. If you have a sudden impact on demand its possible to quickly scale your servers to handle the increase.

Quick to set up & Acessible

Azure is quick and easy to set up and alot of the functionality can be configured with minimal effort. Azure allows for easy accessibility. You can access your data on the cloud at any time and at any location. 


Microsoft Azure data centers are highly secure and keep your data safe from natural disasters. With multiple storage options, data can be secured at multiple data centers.



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