Digital Offers Bank

This is an example of custom API development. The Digital Offers Bank application is a one stop shop portal to manage Shell offers for multiple media channels. Primarily a content management site that allows business users to promote digital content to core websites and mobile platforms. The tool is equipped to tailor markets of the world with different functionality and provide offers to their customers. The application features integrated email notifications to alert teams to approve content and improve communication between teams. The application provides a well documented API for other third party developers to consume the data and integrate the offers into their applications.

I led a team to deliver this application using an Agile methodology. Collaborating with the product owner, we helped to deliver value. Working through continous improvement cycles to evalute requirements, plans and results and respond to change quickly.

The application featured in our Azure migration project and the hosting resources were scaled up to improve performance of the API as the demand for the product has grown.

I have been actively involved in both the running of the product out to the businesses, engaging with key contacts in delivery teams and supporting all IT teams for our client. In agency, I have also been involved with the development of the application and the API, generating documentation through all stages and managing the developers in our team.

Click here to take a look at the UK market live offers that integrate the custom back end tool and API.

The benefits of utilising APIs in custom development


With the help of APIs, developers can manage work faster and update the workflows in a way that they become more productive in a short time.


Every application needs to be changed over time, and API helps to make changes more rapidly. It takes a lot of time and money to introduce a new change in the system. If you incorporate API technology into a system, you will experience better data migration, and speed up the implementation into your applications.

A personalised service

By incorporating API into the system, an application layer can help to distribute information smoothly to other systems and introduce services to new customers. This allows developers to create a personalised service for new audiences.


Once you get access to the API, it is easy for the new content to get published fast. The system publishes the content automatically and makes it available for every channel. This has been the made advantage for the project above, being able to deploy to multiple markets and channels quickly. The content then gets shared with massive audience easily.


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