This article will highlight the need for setting up two factor authentication for WordPress. Its really very simple and well worth the effort.


According to cyber firm Wordfence, a hacker group has attempted to hijack one million WordPress sites in the last seven days. Websites running WordPress are attacked a lot and there is a huge threat from hackers and bots.

Brute force login attempts alone can be huge and the threats are visible if you install a security plugin. You will be shocked at the number of attempts on a daily basis. The success of the WordPress platform has lent itself to facing the most aggressive attempts out there. Its therefore very important to consider the security threats and be proactive to defend your site.

Two factor authentication is easy to set up

One of the most simple steps to help secure your site is to set up two-factor authentication. This can easily be done using WordPress plugins and a google authentication app. Install the WordPress plugin app for Two factor authentication. Then you will need to configure your user profile to use two factor authentication. This will be easily set up by selecting Time Based One-Time Password (Google Authenticator) option available. Make sure you have your Google authentication mobile app to hand so that you scan the QR code and verify access.

Once it has all been set up you are then ready to test the process. After that you will need to send the verification code from the Google authentication app each time you log in. This is a pretty easy extra step when you login and gives your top level admin accounts that extra layer of security.

Get Help

There are lots of alternative options available to harden up your security with Jetpack or Wordfence security plugins.

Working within the industry I have been well aware of the security threats out there and what is required to make web applications more secure. If you would like to know more please click here to get in touch. I’ll be at hand to see how I can help your business application or website.